If you have a viable project contemplating to start, or an ongoing project with sound business plans to expand, talk to us. We will be happy to examine your business prospects and funds requirements.

We act as the Manager for the Issue, managing the Issue in raising capital portfolio. We also act as the Securities Placement Agent in securities (shares) placement activities. In this respect, we structure the Offer Share in question considering the balance of probabilities – the investor and market condition and your needs for the funds. This can be done, either through an Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Private Placement and/or entering into a Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) program.

For further information about raising capital, contact us at: raising-capital@afscapitalmarkets.com

If you are an institutional investor and wish to discuss about a PIPE program, contact us at: pipe@afscapitalmarkets.com

If you are an investor and wish to have further information on investment, contact us at: investor-relations@afscapitalmarkets.com